This I Believe

Jonathan - briarcliff manor, New York
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

It’s luck, it’s skill, it’s life and it’s death. I believe in gambling. I believe in poker, roulette, blackjack and craps. I won’t believe in it later; I didn’t believe before; I believe in it now. I believe gambling should be aloud at any age in any state in any country. I believe that if I am old enough to want to gamble then I am old enough to do it. Laying a bet builds character. It teaches me a lot about myself. It teaches responsibly, probability and knowing limits. I apply what I do in school when I take risks and I always take risks when I am in school. Every day what I wear, what I say, what I ask and how I ask it is taking a risk. Will people like me? Will they think I am stupid? Will I make myself look like a fool?

I don’t believe gambling is flawless. I believe I can cheat and swindle. Gambling is being able to tell the truth and gambling is being able to lie. When I speculate, I am addicted and I never can get enough. When I succeed I always take risks, and when I take risks I always succeed. It is better to have gambled and lost than to never have gambled at all, I always say. I gamble with my social life. I gamble with my love life and I gamble with my money. I am always enthusiastic to win but I am always prepared to lose. I believe, like drinking and playing on a see-saw, I shouldn’t gamble alone. I always have someone watching my back. Gambling is concentration and sometimes I am so concentrated on a bet that I need someone to tell me to step back and to take a breather.

Even though I believe that everyone could gamble I don’t believe that everyone should gamble. Sometimes, in life, I need to play it safe. Sometimes, I need to see that I am drawing dead and just fold my hand. Sometimes, I need to surrender instead of double down. But sometimes, even though it may not look like it, I need to go all in. I need to double down and hope for blackjack. Because let’s face it, if I can’t learn from a bad beat and can’t realize a true win than I can’t handle the pressure, excitement and rush of the gamble. When I gamble, I always lose. When I gamble, I always win. In life, I always gamble.