This I Believe

Omair - Briarcliff Manor, New York
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

It seemed to be a normal, balmy morning in May. The sun was shining, the birds chirping; it seemed like an ordinary spring day, but it wasn’t. Today was the day that SAT scores became available. The general consensus around school was that the May SAT examination was much more difficult than the practice tests we had taken. My friends and I expected the worst when scores became available that sunny spring day. When I arrived at school the morning scores became available, I remember all of my friends going to one another and asking each other what score they had received. SAT scores were meant to be kept private, but privacy was not a word found in my friends’ vocabulary. When it was my turn to reveal my score, my friends were amazed with the score I had received. “Wow,” one replied. “How’d you do that?” asked another. “How did I do it?” I asked myself. I pondered this before I finally found an answer. I believe that in the end hard work and persistence always pay off.

Not only were my friends surprised with my score, but I too, was surprised. It was not that I had not worked hard and prepared extensively for this test, but rather that very few people received scores like the one I had received. It felt strange to me that much like my friends; I too, was shocked by my own accomplishment. I kept wondering how I could have done so well on my test, until one day the answer came to me. I asked my friends how long and how extensively they had worked to prepare for this test. All of them said a few weeks. I, however, had prepared for close to four months.

I believe that the reason I had received the highest score out of all of my friends was because I had prepared the most extensively. I had prepared for this examination for months. Each day I would dedicate two hours to studying for the dreaded SAT. I had to sacrifice going out with friends, watching TV, and having fun. It was a very difficult schedule to adhere to. It was a daily struggle for me to stay put and study for two hours each day, and this took a lot of discipline. I do not think I have ever worked so hard to prepare for a test. I would often ask myself, “Why? Why am I doing this?” The answer never came to me until the day I received my score.

I believe that in the end hard work and persistence always pay off. If one does the best he or she can, if one pushes himself or herself to their absolute breaking point, the reward will always be worth it. I do not believe that one must be “naturally gifted” to accomplish their goals. I believe that if one always works hard and is persistent, one can always accomplish their goals.