This I Believe

Kristen - Vista, California
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: war

Peace: A New Tradition

A war may be fought for many reasons, but few of these reasons can actually justify the destruction of life, land, and homes. The interests of big business should not come before the well-being of the people because who will buy anything if all the consumers are dead? Religion should not be used as an excuse because every god from every religion teaches us to love one another, not hate. Expansion of our borders will only lead to larger problems as we struggle to rebuild what we destroyed. Glory should not come at the expense of hundreds or thousands of lives. And who gave us the right to decide which people were important and which were worthless. War is rarely as magnificent as everyone makes it out to be. In reality, war is a symbol of all the hate in the world.

There are a few reasons that may justify war. A war for independence can be justified as long as the outcome is not a new form of tyranny. Often, dictators are replaced by revolutionaries who become worse than the people they replaced. But, if the new government sincerely cares about the welfare of the people and does not try to purge the world of its former enemies, war may have been the correct answer to the problem. Defending your home can also justify fighting as long as it remains a battle of defense. Unfortunately, these justifiable reasons are often tainted by the wishes of big business, religious hypocrites, and people who like to assert their superiority.

I believe in peace and I believe that people have the power to change and the power to wage peace instead of war. I also believe that people will probably continue to ignore their ability to create peace in the world because it the thousands of years that humans have walked the Earth, there has been nothing but war. If we found a way to convince our societies of the benefits of peace, our world would be so much better. Instead of devoting time and resources to killing each other, we could devote it to saving each other. We would be able to focus on developments in medicine and place a greater emphasis on education. Instead of using technology to kill, we could use it to end hunger or global warming. By dedicating all of our time and resources to war, we end up hurting ourselves just as much as we hurt our so-called “enemies.” It is time to end the old tradition of humanity and begin a new one.

We need Peace.