This I Believe

Annie-Norah - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in short term goals. While you might strive for the end to genocide in Darfur, my goals are based on cynicism, misfortune and overloaded with realism. I prefer to search for immediate amenities and solutions. I feel successful when I know that the small goals I have can be fulfilled.

At this very moment I dream of getting a good grade on final exams. If I study, this goal is definitely within reach. I believe in short term resolutions. They are fantastic, while they last. You may think this lazy or selfish but I believe that the smallest good deed is better than the greatest good intention.

I believe that every journey begins with one small step. How else could our world have evolved. In being dutiful to my own small goals, I am in fact making the world a better place. If everyone got a good grade on their math test, everyone would have played a role in improving our world. If everyone was successful, would we not be living in a utopia?

I believe in the power of numbers. I believe that many people can make a difference, but alone we have the ability to create nothing more than a dent. If everyone worked hard, world peace could be accomplished. I am thankful for my pessimism, which reminds me that this could never happen.

I believe that taking action is more powerful than speaking of it. The weak talk and fantasize, but we, who like to get it done, waste no time with words. I live my life, thinking always in terms of this philosophy. My morals are based on honesty and with a dash of luck, I know that what I do will be worthwhile. This I believe.