This I Believe

Jonathan - Thousand Palms, California
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

As I was walking into the local Albertsons grocery store I noticed a sign that said to go and see the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie but I thought nothing of it at the time. Later at my house while I was eating my pudding and root beer when another add for this same movie came on. This add must of been played at least once per commercial break. Later that week my friends and I were pondering what to do Friday afternoon when in popped the “pirates” movie so I suggested we see it and all my friends agreed. At the time I never realized that all the ads that have been beating my head just affected my day to day life.

After this incident I remembered one day in Wipf’s class, he was arguing the point that we are driven by adds and do not have original ideas anymore, back then I thought he was just saying things to try to show he was a “smart” teacher but looking at all the things and places I go to I think he is right. Look at the mall, a usual hangout for teenagers. You can not walk around with out seeing a poster promoting the “Nancy Drew” movie or to watch News Channel 3 at 11 pm. Every store has ads for the products in the store, from shoes to smoothies to massage chairs they all have ads. Even on the outside of the building there are huge signs with the name of the store.

The advertisement agencies use mainly television to get their client’s merchandize and name out into the homes of billions of people around the world. There are other ways to get ads noticed. There are ads in movies, billboards even on web sites.

What I think we should do to try to limit our exposure to these advertisements. First I think that television should come in two different service plans, those with regular commercial ads and one service plan with little to no commercials at all. Of course the service plan without commercials would cost more than the plan with commercials but I think it would be worth it. To limit ads on websites they should have choices of what type of ad the operators are allowed to put on your website, so if you like music you can have ads for the latest CD and if you like movies then only movie ads will play on the site.

I just think that the United States would be a better country if the citizens were not bombarded into following the heard like mindless sheep. We would be more individualized and more accepting things that are different, instead of buying what is in style people will buy what they like. It would be a very independent world. That is what I believe.