This I Believe

Dylan - Briarcliff Manor, New York
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

The Power of Belief

I walked in the door late one night in the middle of July. It was about nine o’clock, but it was pitch black, the moon was not out, and the stars were covered by clouds. The summer already had that feeling that the nights were getting longer and the days shorter, even if only by a few minutes each day. My house seemed to be spewing depression and somberness. It was unusual.

I had been on a teen tour for most of the summer. I was expecting my parents to run outside and overwhelm me with hugs and kisses, my bags falling all over the place, and then for my brother to come out and push me, to my dismay but surely to his glee, over the duffel that had landed just behind my heels. But that didn’t happen.

Laden with luggage, I waddled into the front door which opens directly into my kitchen. My mom and brother were sitting, with my dad standing behind them, his hands grasping the back of my mom’s chair. They were all smiling- not the “Hey how was your trip?” smile, but a halfhearted smile that was filled only with sadness. And my mom was yellow, not the Ralph Lauren Polo yellow, but the three-day-old-bruise yellow. At first I thought it was the lighting, or that my eyes were still adjusting from the six hour flight. But in reality, she really was yellow. My mom’s liver had failed, and bile had escaped into her entire body.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’ll be fine,” she responded in a softer than normal voice.

And I knew she would be, because she knew she would be. And that is why I believe in the power of positive thinking.

I believe positive thinking is the best remedy for any illness, I believe it is the best solace for any fear, and I believe it is an innate ability that few posses, and the duty of those few to extend it to others. Some sicknesses have no cure, but there is no miracle medicine like positive thinking. My mom could not take any medication; that would only continue to poison her body because her liver could not filter it out of her system. But she persevered, because she believed in herself. And her strength gave me strength. She gave me the power I needed to comfort myself, to tell myself that everything would be okay, that my mom would be okay. Suddenly, my house was no longer the melancholy dwelling I had first entered, but a home warmed by the positive energy and good vibes that the four of us emitted.

I believe there is no better approach to life than positive thinking. It is simple and rewarding. It is a conscious state of mind that can easily be obtained. I believe that positive thinking not only affects lives but is a way of life. And this I believe.