Be Smooth Like a Sloth

Xin - Oceanside, California
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

When you move too fast, sometimes you crash. In an era of information, technology, communication, and competition, we often find ourselves living life in the fast lane. However, too many inpatient individuals driving in this same lane creates traffic and inevitably, at the end, makes us curmudgeonly stagnate. I believe that rather than living in a speedy blur, we should learn to be smooth like the sloth.

Every time a sloth decides to travel it has engaged itself in a test of patience. Therefore, living smooth like a sloth means being patient. Patient for people all shape and size, the food you order –hamburgers and fries, the weather – stormy or nice, and most importantly patience for those you prize.

Being smooth like a sloth is a remedy to rudeness. Today, it is safe to say that everyone is in a rush, especially when referring to inhabitants of a city. The common urgency shared by the population creates a sense of hatred between each individual in our society. This is because we subconsciously conclude that anyone who poses as an obstacle to our destination, such as those who cuts us off or block us from merging, are all “fuck-heads” who are purposefully preventing us from getting to where we need or want to be. If you take a look at the elements of a metropolitan, one distinct feature is the constant battling roars of automobile horns. What is most appealing to me about the car horn is; it is an invention for inpatient people. It is a convenient device for amplifying one’s anger. Now, if we were to go into the jungle and find that a flying squirrel has lost control and crashed in the path of the sloth, we would not find the sloth banging the hood yelling “hey I’m walking here!” This is not only because a sloth cannot talk, but the sloth has accepted the fact that he will spend a great deal to time traveling before he reached his destination. You see, the thing that is smooth about the sloth is that it is content with its sluggishness and unlike us, will patiently and humbly make the long journey without any malignant thoughts or profound gestures.

Being smooth like a sloth will help you deal with the imperfections of fellow human. Patience for those around you is a practice of both kindness and forgiveness. So take the time to understand one another and extend your patience.