This I Believe

Alex - Vista, California
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that people need to be more understanding and supporting of our military. I believe that every person needs to think of the little things in life that make them unhappy. For some of you it may be a red light, a cold cup of coffee, a long line in a grocery store, an email that takes too long to send, or doesn’t send at all, or perhaps an unfortunate turn of events to make you unhappy about your “fav top eight” on myspace. Well I believe everyone, including myself needs a reality check. I believe that no one thinks about our troops. That is all they are to anyone, “the troops.” Never mind the fact that they are businessmen, lawyers, contractors, teachers and people just like you and me. Never mind the fact that they don’t have air conditioning in 120 degree heat plus humidity. I believe no one ever thinks about the fact that these people watch their sons and daughters grow up in photographs to preserve our rights and liberties given to us by this country. I believe that people lose sight of the fact that they are not fighting a war that will simply require “timelines” in order to dictate the penultimate, then ultimate time of “victory.” I believe that the Nazis weren’t given a timeline to surrender to the allies. I believe that the people in this country need to realize our men and women’s commitments and sacrifice to this nation. I believe that every person needs to show their support, if not for the war, then for the people that are fighting for your right to say whatever you want about them. I believe we all need to support the armed services. I believe that people who are in the military are very misunderstood for warmongers. They are peaceful ordinary people pushed to do the extraordinary when this country calls upon them. They did not pick this war. No one wants to be stuck “over there”, some people in this country just want to help preserve this union. Instead of feeling entitled to have certain things in this country, these men and women fight for their right, and your right, to say and do things not permissible in other countries, to preserve our unalienable rights. These service men and women must be remembered as heroes, and should be treated as such by every one of us through various means of support.