This I Believe

Kara - palm desert, California
Entered on May 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

In my life I have had many struggles. There have been many times that my beliefs were tested. My family members have not always set the best examples of what you should do in life.

I believe that even if people you love are doing something you do not agree with, you should still respect and cherish them because they might not always be there.

From the time I was about five years old until the time I was fifteen, my Mother abused methamphetamines. When I first found out that she was using drugs I thought I hated her. I did not want my friends to find out; I was very embarrassed. I would not invite my friends Kendra or Nicole over for slumber parties or for Friday movie nights. I thought that since I could tell that she was using that they would be able to tell.

It was not until I turned thirteen that I realized that even though I did not agree with the choices my mother was making, I did still love her.

There were times that I tried my hardest to make her get sober. But it seemed like the more I tried to get her sober the more she pushed my help away, stating that it was not my problem to deal with.

There was finally a breaking point in my Mother’s drug addiction. When I was about fourteen, I told my Mom that if she did not quit using drugs or leave her abusive husband that I was going to move to my Dads house. This made my mother think.

She finally realized that I was not just bluffing. I moved to my Dads house for about 2 weeks. She finally told my stepfather that they could not stay together. It was not healthy for them to be together because of the destruction and depression it was causing me and my brother Thomas.

Two weeks after Easter, when I was 15, my Mother and Stepfather separated. My Mother went to drug rehab, and also took time to get to know me and my brother again.

It has taken my Mother 2 years of sobriety to finally find herself again. She is now the Mom that she has always wanted to be. She has been clean and sober since April 22, 2005. It has been two long years. In those two years we have moved over 1,500 miles away from home. We have left family, but we have gained a stronger, somewhat more stable home life, and I myself have gained more respect for my mother.

There are still very few people that I have told about my Mothers drug addiction. Even my best friend Kendra does not know the main reason that we moved to California. I am still slightly embarrassed about my Mothers bad choices. But most of the time I am just so proud of her that I cannot help but tell people that getting sober can and has been accomplished. My mother is a prime example.

This essay is for my mother. I believe in you mom. You are my inspiration in life. I hope that I will always be as strong as you and be able to overcome all obstacles that life throws in my way. Thank you Mom.