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Iliya - USA
Entered on May 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality

Iliya Petrow

Moral Rights and Civil Wrongs

I believe that a moral wrong cannot be a civil right. Killing a baby before birth is the same thing as killing it after birth. Abortion should be illegalized because I believe that it is a murder.

I have a friend who has a Doctors Degree in Biology who is very close to my family. I asked him to do some research on some facts on abortion that he conducts. I was surprised to hear that about 3,700 lives are lost each day only in America due to abortions. I didn’t even want to hear the world statistics. If this is true, then why is it still allowed? We as people are freaked out about animal rights, yet human rights are thrown right into the trash. It is not allowed to kill an unborn eagle, however killing an unborn human is.

I believe that God gave everyone life, and it is only up to Him to take it away. It is not our decision to do so. Why should we shed blood of an innocent being? If you think that it is right, why not jus legalize murder?

I believe that we are sending our society the wrong message. We are telling them not to have any regard for life and if you make a mistake and get pregnant at 15, that’s fine, just have an abortion. We aren’t being responsible for our actions and learning from our mistakes.

With all the abortions going on, how do we know we didn’t kill the person who would find the cure for cancer, AIDS or some other sickness? I believe that out of tragedy comes light, and the baby is the light.

The pro-“choice” side can preach all they want about the woman’s body and her right to choose, but it is still murder, and I expect the law to treat it as such. I believe that abortion is wrong in every situation. I believe that everyone deserves to live.

Iliya Petrow is currently a high-honor role student at Edison Middle School in Wheaton, IL. He is working to improve his school drop-off area in order to decrease the number of accidents. Iliya also enjoys playing sports, helping his family, and showing care to his classmates.