This I Believe

Cassandra - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in 2 things, first that those teachers of an older generation are giving up on an entire younger student body; I believe we are all being slowly pushed to the side because we don’t see the world through their eyes. Second I believe because of that, we have lost our enthusiasm to learn and educate ourselves, and therefore throwing away our ability to be and create a generation of endless possibilities.

When I was younger every subject was an enjoyable subject for me, I came to class ready to learn and even pushed myself to learn more then what was expected of me. I had enthusiasm for school pouring out my ears, all my teachers used to call me the “smile queen” they said this because there was never anything but a smile on my face at school. I now look back and realize that I was like that because every person around me shared the exact same enthusiasm to learn, and the teachers especially exuded enthusiasm to teach.

It wasn’t until I hit my 9th grade year, high school, when the attitude did a 360 turn and completely changed, it felt like as if I was walking into an office full of people who sit in a cubicle and hate their job, and moan all day wishing there was some way they could escape…and I’m not just talking about the students. It became a whole new world, where teachers find it easier to instead of listening to how we feel or explain an action, to send us to the suspension room where student’s thoughts and actions are quickly silenced in a what it seems like a prison cell full of cold emotions and thoughts. I believe most teachers these days find it easier to instead of relating to us, to not even getting to know us at all. My grandmother always told me “don’t point your finger unless your ready to have 2 pointing back”…why is that teachers, politicians and even parents have the ability to point their fingers at the youth of this nation and declare our foolishness and lack of knowledge, and yet the youth never point back to blame them for their lack in teaching us otherwise?

I believe more teachers need to step into our shoes and learn new ways to make learning fun and interesting for a generation who has changed from the traditional previous ones. However, I doubt most teachers see themselves as the cause for a slower, less motivated younger generation. But let me enlighten you, most children don’t begin their educational lives with the mentality of being an unmotivated person or just decide that their not going to understand math their entire lives. These traits and lack thereof…have been acquired at some point in their lives. I just wish that more teachers would be willing to help us find our generations motivation, which has been lost some where over the years. There are so many things that I will never know or understand because my generation has too many obstacles and closed doors, I wish someone would BEILIVE IN US, and help us find those lost keys to those closed doors.