This I Believe

Stephanie - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in miracles. Yes, I know, that line definitely could be misconstrued as part of the song “Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate, however, this is not the case. I understand that it is fairly typical to come across someone who also believes in miracles, but there is more to it than just believing them, it’s actually seeing them. It’s not something difficult to accomplish– just stop, take a deep breath, and observe. They’re all around you.

As I sat down to write this essay, I opened up the dictionary and found that a miracle is “such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.” Miracles are happening this very second, and I am not just talking about ones that are equivalent to Moses parting the Red Sea either. In fact, if I were the author of this dictionary, I would change “as a work of God,” to “as a work of yourself.” Of course, I’m sure the printed definition is equally true, if you have faith. However, I believe we ultimately influence the good things that happen to us.

Every day I see a miracle. Be it a random act of kindness or a sudden healing, they’re always there. Just the other day my older brother who is diagnosed with severe anxiety went on his first date in ten years, something great in everyone’s eyes. Just by my brother and my family believing that it would happen, it did. The mind is a powerful thing.

I am not saying that there isn’t a higher force that randomly points to one of us and fixes his or her life. One of my favorite stories of all time is one that my Aunt Hilda used to tell about how she was given a second chance. It was a time when she was coming up to a four-way stop intersection and she was just about to keep heading straight when a doe ran in front of her car. Hilda stepped on the brakes and watched with astonishment as a large semi rolled on through the stop sign. Had she gone, she would have been hit and instantly killed. Hilda often shares that she believed the doe was her deceased sister, Doe, coming back to save her life. Of course there is no evidence as to whether or not the doe was a reincarnation of her sister, but because Hilda believes it was a miracle, it was.

So what if I never see a burning bush, or my town being ravished by plagues? I know that every time my heart beats, another person is saved in some way. If we believe in ourselves and in others, we can help each other. As an author once said, “Ultimately we are the creators of our own universe and what we wish for will manifest.”