This I Believe

Kyle - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

As a child…as a teenager, I believe in many things that may not make sense to anybody but me. As a person, growing up in a world of turmoil, a society full of confusion, mystery, regret, and uncertainty I believe in things that may not exist in a few years. The problems of my family, of education, of society, of the general economy of the world, as well as the problems of my own personal life that I face are the source of all of my beliefs.

I believe that it should not be my duty, nor should it be my responsibility to fix the problems of this world, and our society. If adults want change, if they expect me and my generation to fix their mistakes, the first thing they should do is stop making more mistakes and problems for us to fix. They should start working on solving these problems that they have created. My generation is told all the time that we will be the ones to fix the world; everything from the ozone layer, to the war, to poverty, to overpopulation, to social security, to the overwhelming debt, and back. It is not fair…

At the age of seventeen, I am graduating high school, and I am moving on into the world. I am being told that I will have to fix something along the way, but I ask ‘What about my life, my problems, my worries, and the things that matter to me?’

I believe – on a more personal level – that people really do not care. Moving on from high school, I am told by many of my friends that we will stay in touch with each other, and that our friendship will survive the long course of college and beyond. And yet, from my parents, and the parents of others, they made the same promises, the same guarantees, and were not able to keep them. I have already lost contact with some of my friends that have previously graduated, and even some that I have known since I was five…the sad part about this, is the fact that they have not graduated. We live in the same valley, and the only thing keeping us apart is the fact that we go to different schools, nothing more. If I cannot manage to stay in touch with someone that I love and consider part of my family, what chance do I have with the people I consider my good friends in high school?

Furthermore, I believe that love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It creates the most happiness out of any other one emotion. It gives comfort, hope, and satisfaction to life. I have experienced it twice in my life, and each time it brought me closer to perfection than I could ever hope to achieve again…but when that love is gone or lost, nothing feels worse. I find it ironic that the single greatest feeling, is also the feeling the causes the most hurt, hatred, and discomfort in life. Sir James M. Barrie had it right when he said “If you have it [Love], you don’t need to have anything else, and if you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter much what else you have.” But then again, what really does matter? I believe that what I believe does not matter. It does not make a single difference in this world, and nothing changes because of it. And that is just life.