This I Believe

meaghan - warren, Rhode Island
Entered on May 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in living everyday as if it were your last.

My dad was a great man and in September 2002 he became very ill with cancer. He started chemo therapy and everyone thought he would be fine until one day he had a reaction and was placed in the hospital. While in the hospital I wasn’t allowed to see him because I was only eleven years old and you had to be older to go into the part of the hospital he was in. Before he got cancer I spent all my spare time with him and I got closer to him than anyone else. He seemed to turn everything that happened in life into a good situation no matter how bad it was. He taught me so much of the things that I know today. A few months after his hospital visit he got sick once again and was put back in the hospital. I always wanted to see him but my mom always said I couldn’t but I knew it wasn’t her fault. Until one day I asked my mom for what must’ve been the millionth time and she finally said yes. When I saw him he had a breathing tube in his mouth because he was no longer able to breathe on his own. I started to cry and was taken out of the room I then found out that he was going to be pulled off the machines so he could be in a better place called heaven. Now I’m fifteen years old and thinking back to it I was only eleven years old at the time when my father died I didn’t have long with him but he always made the best out of the time I did have with him and I’m thankful to still call him my dad to this day even though he’s not here to say it to his face. I’m so glad we spent all the time we had together and had fun while at it. That’s why I believe that you should always live each day like it’s your last because you never know when you won’t be here to see the next.