This I Believe

David - Concord, Michigan
Entered on May 31, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe I am a conservative without a political party to represent me. I’m a conservative who still believes in conserving resources and the environment. I believe in conserving the amount of CO2 that engines and factories dump into the atmosphere. I believe in conserving the amount of pollution that escapes into the air and water, and the amount of energy we use to move people and products from place to place. I believe in conserving the number of trucks and people it takes to haul away items I can’t re-use, and wonder if anybody took the time to do the math to see if the resources required to perform recycling actually causes more total pollution than they prevent. I believe I should practice what I preach and conserve energy by riding in vanpools, carpools and using mass transportation whenever possible.

I believe conservatives like me should conserve our religious views and not subject other people to them. I believe I have no moral or religious authority to tell a woman if or when soul enters into a body, regardless of whether I believe it’s at conception or at birth.

I believe in conserving the number of laws by getting rid of two laws for every new one created until we have no more than 1,000 laws. After all, does it really take 39 federal laws to describe murders that carry a federal death penalty?

I believe in conserving the role of government in the lives of people and corporations. I believe we should conserve the burdens on the courts and therefore the burden on my wallet by instituting a “loser pays” provision, which would require me to pay 2% of the damages requested in my lawsuit if I happen to lose the case. The more I seek in a lawsuit, the more I risk owing if I don’t win, so I would tend to be conservative in the amount of damages I seek.

I believe Republicans and Democrats alike have run off their respective tracks, and I feel unrepresented by either party as they currently stand. Perhaps it’s time for me to consider myself an independent, conservative Republocrat.