This I Believe

Alexandra - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Everybody I know has something that makes them happy. This one thing is something that one feels they just need to do. The feeling is more than a desire, to many it’s more like an itch. I believe in the specific thing that lets each of us escape and feel happy.

My best friend sings. She does not stop singing. She sings in the movie theater, grocery store, and bathroom. My best friend sings to songs she can’t remember the words to. When my best friend got dumped she sang about how lonely she was, and then she sang about how messed up she was, and then she sang about how much she loved to sing. She sings after she fails tests, after she gets into a fight, and after she’s been alone all night. I asked her once if she was happy and my best friend said as long as she could sing she would be happy. Then she sang me a happy song.

I once dated a guy who drummed. I would go over to his house and he would drum what would begin with just one song and end up being four or five. He sometimes drummed while closing his eyes, singing with his headphones on, or while concentrating very hard on the floor below him. When an awkward situation would arise, my boyfriend would drum with his fingers on my knee until I quieted his hand with my own, then he’d start up with his other hand on his other knee. We got into fights and I would ask if my boyfriend was alright and he would say let me just drum for two hours and call you back. After we broke up my boyfriend and I met for the first time as just friends, as he drove I felt very slight accelerations with that of the music. I asked and my new friend said oh that’s just the bass and pointed at his foot which was drumming along. I once asked my boyfriend if he could live without the drums and he said no, never.

I love to dance. I’m not fantastically good at dancing, but I love to anyways. Last year I had a project in which I choreographed and performed seven dances. It was the most rewarding project I have done, because I finally realized how much I love to dance. After a long and tiring day, I would go into my sun room, turn up the music, and let myself go. Describing the feeling that surged through my entire body seems impossible. A relaxing rush, a waterfall of calmness, a release of all stress. My body and everything going through my mind combined with the cool air and the flowing music. Immediately after dancing, my mood was uplifted. Dancing is what I need to do to feel better, release all of my stress, and let go of my surroundings. I believe in each thing that makes everyone feel completely relaxed and happy.