This I Believe

Valerie - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: immigrant

What would you do if you are in the safety of your own home and border patrol disguises themselves as citizens trying to sell goods? Once you open the door, they barge in and ask you for your papers, and if you fail to show them they take you how you are. They don’t let you get any cash or your cell phone so you can make some important phone call they take you as you are, away to where you’re from.

I believe that the immigration laws are getting stricter everyday. That they have the right to secure the borders but, some of the immigrants that are here that have done nothing illegal, that came here at least five years ago, and already have a life here should be given the chance to stay. I think it is unfair that all their hard work and trouble they had to go through to get here and to get to where there at should get rewarded. Yeah it does make it harder for us citizens to find a job and yeah welfare and taxes are getting higher but their not all to blame. People should put themselves in each other shoes think how it would be like if they where one of the people getting deported with no cash no money and no place to stay because they don’t drop you off with relatives they drop you off in your native state and that’s it. Or if they don’t take you being terrified every time they see a border patrol car. Or when someone knocks on your door being afraid that it’s the officers in costume. I have friends that are illegal that had to move because border patrol already went to their house. That try to make jokes about what is going on but deep down are terrified. It’s unfair because what happens, to those mothers that are not citizens but children are. They get taken to foster care. The only thing left is to take away the citizenship from those who where made legal by being born here but, have illegal parents.

I don’t think that everything the state is doing is bad it’s just not the best I think that things can be solved in a different way. But I do believe that they should have equal opportunities like everyone else because they are human they have feelings and they do work their butt off to get to where they are at. Even if it is a minimum wage job living in a low income apartment, they made it their by coming with nothing. Doesn’t that count I believe it does. People that think other wise are just selfish because they want more than they have. If they stop and think for a moment about other states how they live and what’s going on with them how they live, how they starve and have nothing they will realize they have everything and there is no need to hurt other people to get more.