This I Believe

Elan - Mountain View, California
Entered on May 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“If you ain’t laughing, you ain’t living,” is the catchy sign off line, of well-known comedian Carlos Mencia. What he says however is very true. People have the best time in their lives when they’re laughing. I believe in comedy.

Comedy allows the most politically incorrect statements to be twisted into something anyone could enjoy. Comedy also destroys imperfections. They give us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves.

Comedians started out as the court jester. They were the only ones allowed to make fun of the king. Comedians are now some of the most influential people in the country, but they are still the people who make fun of powerful figures. They allow introspection, or looking into ourselves. In fact, comedians are some of the smartest people in today’s society. I believe nothing is more entertaining on television, than comedy shows.

One morning, I was board, so I decided to pick up the newspaper for a quick read. The hundreds of imperfections and messes with our world that the newspaper was informing me about, immediately horrified me. That day all I could think about was that scandal, and this shooting, the new unqualified politician voted in office. However that night when I peeked in to see what my dad was watching, I was soon settled. Jon Stewart and the daily show takes all the messes of the world and makes them funny, to put it plainly. I was still learning information, but having fun while doing it. I immediately decided that the Daily Show would be my newspaper from now on.

Many people say how comedians are just trying to gain audience with their shows, and don’t have anything to say. My all time favorite television show is South Park. My parents aren’t to thrilled with this, but they have to admit how it takes current events that unsettle people, and make us laugh about it. Fads like Pokemon, and World of Warcraft, are cleverly made fun of in South Park, but still don’t hurt or offend people. Usually the biggest fans of these episodes are the Pokemon and World of Warcraft Players themselves. The makers of South Park allow people to laugh at themselves through ridiculous stereotypes, and their overenthusiastic characters. I still haven’t found a soul today who has been offended by South Park.

Another reason I believe in comedy, is its power to turn ordinary object funny. Everyone has heard the gag; “Hey what’s the deal with airplane food.” Though incredibly stupid, there are acts like this, which are very amusing. Two of the greatest comedians for this are Jerry Seinfield, and Carlos Mencia. Before every episode of Seinfield, there is always a superb standup clip of Jerry Seinfield. He takes ordinary items, and ways of life, and makes them comical.

Carlos Mencia still hasn’t found a race or religion he hasn’t made fun of yet. He cracks jokes, and impersonates people and their races so well, that it is hilarious. However, he is conveying a strong message against racism, by showing how unrealistic all the stereotypes he uses are.

Comedians use their comedy to convey messages, as much as the use it to entertain us. Carlos Mencia is very intelligent, and full of great ideas, and the perfect way to communicate them to us is through comedy.

I believe comedy is as important to humans, as the books we read, and the air we breathe.