This I Believe

fabiola - tegucigalpa, Honduras
Entered on May 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe there is happiness for everyone, and no matter what happens everybody can reach a level of happiness at least I had in so many ways with so many things and one of them is money, I know people said that money can’t buy happiness but if you think about it it’s wrong, and I really disagree with those people because I don’t buy happiness I buy the things that I know are going to make me happy at least for a period of time for example when I bought my cell phone I was so happy because I could do a lot of things with it like play videos and music, I mean I have my ipod/cell phone and for a period of time I was happy know that I see it I don’t get excited anymore, because I now is their, but for a long period of time I was happy with it so that’s why I know I can be happy with a person, place or thing (just like a verb) and that makes me feel awesome. What I like the most is that I can be happy in the weirdest places and for real for example I am happy at school even though some of the teacher are weird (not in a offensive way), I mean it doesn’t matter what they do to me am always going to be happy; in life in general everybody should be happy it doesn’t matter with what or with whom they all should try to be happy. One of the things I had realized is that we always need bad things to happen in order to know what is good, I mean without bad things we couldn’t realize or know which are the good moments, the happy moments and we wouldn’t appreciate those precious moments in life, those that makes you feel alive.