This I Believe

Patrick - Roxbury, Massachusetts
Entered on May 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Dear NPR,

My name is Patrick and I am an English Language Arts teacher and Eliot Hillside Detention in Roxbury, MA, a detention center for juvinile offenders. One of our creative writing assignments is to read several essays from This I Believe and then write our own. I participate in the assignment and staff ofted do as well. I am submitting several resident student essays and one essay from a staff member.

This I Believe by Steve, Staff Member:

I believe that if people believe in something higher and greater than themselves or something they can’t see they would believe in God.

They would have more hope for tomorrow. I believe if the state would stop building buildings and start building people, we would have better neighborhoods, and then we would have better communities, and we would have a better world. I believe if people believed in God they would realize that anyone can change, and that no problem is too big or small for God.

I believe that if we believed in God we wouldn’t judge people based on what we see. I believe that if we believe in God we wouldn’t see the color of a person’s skin, and that it does not matter whether you are black or white, gay or straight, tall or short, fat or skinny.

The world teaches you to look at the outside of a man, but God teaches you to look at the inside of a man. The world teaches you to take what you can. God teaches you to give what you have. This is what I believe.

This I Believe by Kreshnik, Hillside Resident

I believe that the government should let immagrants and their famlies come to the US because everyone should get a chance in their future for a better life.

When I was a little boy around the age of eight my country was in a war over land between Kosova and Serbia, so my country was under attack and if it weren’t for the US letting immagrants in from Kosova then my family and I might not have a future. My family and I might not be alive.

So with all that I’ve been through, I think everyone should be allowed to make a better future for themselves and their famlies. I think everyone should have freedom and the US government should allow immagrants to better lives for them and their famlies. That is what I believe.

This I Believe by Oliver, Hillside Resident

I believe in God because God gives people blessings. Everyday I pray to be home. I ask God, “Why did you take me away from my mom when I was eight years old? Why?” This is the instant voice that pops into my head. It says, “Because your mom’s doing bad.” As I go on with my life, my life has been good so far. The reason I talk about this is because it’s all about courage.

This I Believe by Jalelle, Hillside Resident

I believe money rules the world. I believe this because believe it or not how much money you have is how much you’re worth. In society today I see less racism and a whole lot more classism.

Whether you’re white, black, or yellow, if your funds don’t stack high enough, your power is strictly limited. If you’re not rich and wealthy already, they try to put you in a trap to never get out of poverty. If you’re rich or wealthy, most of the time our shady society wont give you the same punishment as someone else. Also, all the people that are rich now form ways to keep the poor down. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.