This I Believe

Aubree - Inverness, Illinois
Entered on May 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Snowflake Factor

I believe in the snowflake factor. In the fact that each person in this world is completely different from everyone else. Consequently, each person has their own way of showing to the world their beliefs and convictions. In my own life, I have been exposed to many different kinds of expression, from dance to art, from song to written word. I have seen the joy and passion each of these brings to others. I myself have experienced the same joy of being able to express how I feel through dance.

At the beginning of this year, my ballet teacher decided to incorporate something into our class that seemed unusual. Instead of starting class at the barre, our teacher would call us over to the front of the studio and ask us a question. We would spend the next few minutes writing our answers down on paper and share them with the rest of the class. The question would always have something to do dance and would challenge each of us to think about what we believe about dance. Each week the questions became more and more interesting, and we started to have discussions about each person’s response. While it was strange to spend time in a dance class not dancing, each of us came away from those discussions with something new. I noticed that we suddenly became more inspired in our dancing after these discussions. Instead of just practicing, we were putting into motion everything that we had talked about. We were expressing what we believed and what we felt through dance. Thinking of the things we had just said, we embraced the steps more than we had previously.

I have been dancing since I was four, and for all of those years I have been taught to use my expressions. But for all of those years, “my expressions” has meant my facial expressions. These expressions spiced up the dances on a purely superficial, obvious level. Only recently have I managed to learn how to put more meaningful expression into my dancing. When I hear a song, whether I’m in my dance studio, home, or school, I automatically begin to dance along in my head. This manner of expression is ingrained into me, and I can’t help but feel that it is my way of showing the world how I feel. When nothing else in life makes sense to me, dance is still there, always constant, yet unique each time I dance. I have recently realized that I have a lot of big ideas about the truths that I personally believe in, but I can’t explain any of them with ready, clear words. I will leave the poetry up to others and stick to dancing. However, I believe that it is our way of trying to explain these truths- to express what we believe in our own way- that really matters.