This I Believe

Luis - Honduras
Entered on May 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that we must be willing to admit our mistakes in order to learn from them. There are a lot of people in this world. These people have their own beliefs, opinions , and ideas. There are people out there that believe that what they believe is true and that no one and nothing can change it. For me it’s okay that they believe that, but sometimes they are wrong. Not in the sense that what they believe they shouldn’t, but in the sense that what they believe may not be real. When people are wrong, they believe they are not wrong. When I am wrong, i don’t want to believe that I am, but in a way , I know that i’m wrong. For me it’s okay to be wrong because I learn more from my mistakes. When I am wrong, sometimes I get mad but I shouldn’t because I am learning from my mistake.

For example , I went one day to a store and I saw something new in there and I bought it and at the time i ate it. Guess what? I didn’t like it, but that helped me because I learned that I would not buy that thing again. I have made mistakes all my life and from them I have learned. That is like 10 years of learning from myself. I have 17 years but i didn’t learn from my mistakes as a child. When I was born , I didn’t even know if what I was doing was good or wrong. For me, in those years everything was good. Accepting my mistakes was a big step to begin to learn. Sometimes I did things without knowing or asking people who really knew if I was wrong or because of the fear that I was wrong. Accepting that I was wrong was hard for me because I always wanted to be the one who eas the correct one , but I realized that everyone makes mistakes, not just me. Some day someone will be wrong and I will correct him , and I will fell good and that person should feel good because he will learn from his mistake. Everyone wants to be a genious and wants to be always correct, but even great people makes mistakes. Einstein didn’t know thw basics of math , but he was a great physicist , and I’m not saying that you don’t have to know math to become someone important , but I’m saying that no one is perfect and no one is a genious at all , we make mistakes. It could be a small thing; people don’t think about this too much , but if you think about it , it’s big because your life could change everytime you learn from yourself. Learning from my mistakes has made me a better person and it could change other people, not just me. What is the point if I do things that are wrong and I never know is wrong , and I never correct it and never learn from it? I will make the same mistakes all my life, it’s better to make a mistake once that your whole life.