This I Believe

La`Keshia - Fairborn, Ohio
Entered on May 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This is for the children who born in places that most won’t be caught dead in, whose monsters are real, and who go to bed hungry and cry themselves to sleep. I’ve been there, and I hear your cries. The people I am speaking for are them.

I believe that children are our future and it is time to wake up and see that America’s children are growing up in poverty. Today millions of children are born into poverty. Right now 30-40% of children born in poverty have physical health problems. If we do not act immediately to protect our children, we will face a crisis. Our lives are in these children’s hands. One day, these children, growing up in our financially and morally impoverished nation, will be the leaders of our country. It’s time to wake up. It is the government’s responsibility to help. In the richest nation, there is no plausible reason a child should go without the necessities of clothing, food, and insurance. We have to decide what more important, war or our children’s well being.

People who live in poverty face social injustice on a regular basis. How can they succeed if we don’t give them a fair shot at the American dream? According to Wikipedia the cycle of poverty is cause by social injustice and social inequality. This I believe. We can change this today. We need to stop neglecting and cheating those in poverty for our personal gains. According to Marian Edelman, we need to let go of our racist past, and realize that all children need a chance at life regardless of the color of their skin. Most importantly, we all need to focus on our nation as a whole instead of worrying about just the individual to break race and class barriers.

Please give your hands to these people so that not one person is left behind suffering because you didn’t act.