This I Believe

forrest - palm desert, California
Entered on May 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: war

I believe in believing. Usually believing in something constitutes that someone has hope for something in some form somewhere, and that they will most likely fight hard for it, swear by it, and perhaps even attempt to spread the word amongst the hopeless, poor, and easily corrupted so that they too can join in the quest to make the world believe in what were at one time one man’s beliefs. What someone believes in doesn’t have to be true, correct, morally right, or even make sense, but when someone has that kind of hope for something, they must hold true to it, stand behind it, and support it for as long as possible. Once they have enough people brainwashed, corrupted or conned into following them, there will most likely be another person, group, or organization that does not agree with their beliefs, causing tension. Communication often breaks down over a misinterpretation between the two groups and usually leads to arguments, riots, fighting and then war. If their war becomes large enough, it will become known worldwide, allowing larger groups of supporters and opponents to join in, such as the UN, foreign countries, and terrorist organizations choosing sides, eventually evolving into a World War with every country involved in some way or another, ultimately dooming the earth and mankind to its fate, all because of one person’s belief in something so much that it made it real to all the people who ended up believing in it.

You probably think that this is completely impossible and utterly absurd, that there has to be some independent variable that will stop these events from happening. In reality it is already progressing, as it has been since the dawn of mankind. In the past Two Hundred and Fifty years alone, a group of people came and settled on land they stole from people already there, fought with their original land for freedom. Shortly after that, they then caused a civil war amongst themselves in an argument over equality, then became politically involved in a war in Europe, Then got involved in another war by interfering with a man named Hitler for persecuting the Jews, because he didn’t believe in what they believed in, which led to Japan bombing them because the Japanese didn’t agree with the way this group was running their country, so in retaliation dropped two atom bombs on Japan. Later they interfere with wars in Korea, and Viet Nam, killing thousands of their own people in the process, and then calling it a “War on Communism”. Currently this same country has started a war in Afghanistan and Iraq, claiming it to be a “War on Terror” when it is actually a “War for Oil.” These people are supposedly there hunting for “Terrorist Leaders” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” when In reality, they are pissing off the entire middle east, and driving up the cost of oil, just because the political leader’s family are oil tycoons. Can you guess this shining star of a country? This “Group” to the rest of the world is called the USA, although the actions of the USA do not represent the beliefs of most of its citizens.