This I Believe

Neil - Mercer Island, Washington
Entered on May 30, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: children, family, hope

I believe in my children. I was talking to my son today, a fine young man preparing himself for medical school during his first year at university. He said “I think chemistry is science, physics is amazing, and I think biology is a miracle.” Talking to him today, he shared his insight into the workings of the world from his unfettered viewpoint. We lay on the grass watching his little brothers soccer practice on a warm early summer afternoon in the sun under a blue sky, rare for Seattle, The conversat5rion started as we observed the blue, blue sky – one thing led to another, and his expression of the wonders of biology gave me more hope than I have had for years. Then we came home and ate dinner together, only one sibling of four missing, and we were entertained by our daughter as she demonstrated her dance performance coming up this weekend, and also a series of hilarious moments that kept my wife and I in stitches during the entire dinner along with the kids. The dinner hour passed in a moment and while it did I realized that my kids are growing up smart, educated, thoughtful, funny, well nourished and educated. Who could not believe in them? We need kids like my kids to help us recover from a lifetime of excess, the apathy of recent times, the corrupt leadership we have and the endless war we find ourselves in.

Reading the news, which I do by surfing the web to find a glimmer of hope in the endless stream of disappointments, I was moved to write this essay. The contrast is so stark. Hopeful youth, bright, thoughtful, caring and care free on one hand, dark, dour, uninspired and depressing leadership on the other.

Visiting my son at his small western university recently I was impressed with his classmates. A fine gathering of young brains: Healthy kids with the intelligence to formulate a thought, follow a dream, bring an illusion into existence.

Together we will be facing serious challenges on a global scale in the coming years. A clash of cultures, a warming globe, a population explosion, and resources scarce. Our kids will help us find a solution. This I believe with all my heart.