This I Believe

Haley - Springfield, Ohio
Entered on May 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I’d never been one to believe in after life. But, events throughout my life have affected my beliefs. What I was eight, I was not a very religious little girl. I believed when you died, you died.

I hadn’t been close to my grandmother, so the reason for going over there didn’t seem apparent to me at the time, I just knew something was going on. I walked into the door to my great uncle crying, that’s when I knew something terrible had happened. My mother told me that she needed to tell me something important. The news that my father had died was announced a few moments later.

My belief in life after death bas began to grow. My father had to have gone somewhere. The fact of his dying didn’t make me want to believe he had actually died. When you lose someone, someone very close to you, your opinions and views change drastically.

Loved ones don’t want to believe that someone they love has died. They begin to develop hope and interest in where that person has gone. They want them to be happy, they want to believe that that person has gone to a better place, living a better “life”. Many people become very religious after experiencing a drastic change, one like losing a loved one.

Losing someone close to you is a terrible and very painful thing to go through, people take some of that pain and turn it into belief, belief that that person will be happy. They use the fact that it’s said you’ll see that person again, as a security blanket. They use that hope and believe to keep them strong, to keep them emotionally stable.

Many peoples religious beliefs change extremely when a love one passes away. I know mine did drastically. I mean yeah, I’m not hardcore religious. I may not attend church regularly and I may not pray for forgiveness every time I sin, or every time I make a mistake. But, my opinion has changed greatly, my beliefs have changed greatly. It affected my life greatly and many peoples lives around me have changed as a direct affect. I’ve changed as a person, and I honestly believe it is for the better.

Death is never at all a good thing, but you should use it to change as a person. Use it to change your beliefs, or even use it to make those beliefs you already may have stronger. Don’t forget about the person, you still need to mourn, but take your time, remember the person, but remember it’s an obstacle in your life for a reason, take it and grow from it.