This I Believe

Michaela - Studio City, California
Entered on May 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

My best friend wants to be a model. I encouraged and supported her all of the way when she told me until she heard back from her agent. They told her that her nose was too wide. I immediately responded by looking at her nose one more time. This girl is gorgeous, I’m thinking to myself, when she tells me that she’s considering getting plastic surgery. At the time, I wasn’t quick to encourage her to not to go through with it. After all, the money spent on getting surgery would have been much less than they money she could make in a modeling career. Even I was considering getting a nose job; after all, my mom and sister both had one.

My friend didn’t end up getting the surgery, but it made me think about what beauty meant to me. She is considering going to another modeling agency today, but it makes me think that she deserves to be as much of a model as I do. I’ll even admit that before my epiphany, I always wanted to look like one of those skinny models from People Magazine, but today I think about what really matters to me in life. Personally, I don’t care about what people look like. Models should do what they do, not because they have a certain look, but because they possess certain moral qualities that are looked up upon. Is the definition of beautiful having a straight nose or perfectly shaped eyebrows? Or, is it the interesting uniqueness and kind-heartedness of an individual? Why does the media impose that materialism is more important than having core moral values?

I believe that “the model look” isn’t necessarily ugly, but there are different kinds of beauty in the world. What I’m about to say, I heard for the first time when I was probably two years old, but everyone is beautiful in their own way. Many people say this, but I feel that very few actually believe it.

People in this country shouldn’t look up to those who have what they consider outer beauty; they should admire those who have inner beauty. This, I believe.