This I Believe

alicia - Columbus, Ohio
Entered on May 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I believe

Reading can save our lives

I believe reading can help us to keep our mind out of the darkness. It can be a light in our life. Also, it leads us to better ways, to

understanding of what we can’t understand by ourselves through the knowledge we can

get from it. I also believe reading offers us freedom of thought and

spirit. I think people ignore it. The way they always ignore things they don’t want to

know … as long as they can. I know sometimes we can’t afford to ignore it.

I am sure I can’t afford it again.

Long ago there was a time in my life I felt lost. I felt really empty. There was just hopelessness. I only saw a world where I walked around just thinking and behaving senselessness and worthlessness. I was depressed and bent out of shape toward life, toward people close to me and with

myself. My heart was broken and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I wasn’t the person

I hoped to be. I couldn’t get strenght enough to live. I really had a hard time. My thoughts and feelings weren’t good at all. Now I see I wasted beautiful years of my life.

Reading those days helped me to go out from myself and my selfishness. It made my world turn blue.

At the beginning it was just for escaping, to run away from reality. A reality I found too hard to live in. Later, I realized it was more than an escape it was a trip, a great trip where I learned to be an optimistic, forgiving and empathetic person and I understood that we all have our demons to deal with. I comprenhended that throughout my lifetime I’ll

have good and bad days, I’ll meet polite and rude people and experience sadness

and happiness. And I’ll learn from that. Reading taught me this.

Reading not only helped me to go on but also saved my life. In fact, up to now I can say it continues helping me everyday of my life. It brings out the best in me. Sometimes I feel as then … but without too many bad dreams. I

know I can deal with things.

When I feel down in the dumps, sad, scared, hurt and weary. When I have no guts to go on I like to think about the brave, grateful, hopeful, faithful people in stories I know. And I think maybe I could be like that. I know its

possible to be like them. If I just try and believe. When I am out of love and the dark side of me comes out I remember about sick, vile people from my books and I know it is not a good choice to be like them. I have learned

behaving like them is no way to go through the life.

One day, people will probably realize books can take care of them better than themselves, than anyone. They do not disguise us. They show us the way the world is without hidding anything. One can only take what one needs

-love, strenght, faith, hope-. I think it only lacks in guile, stealth and deceit.

During my entire life reading has shown me to find happiness and contentment in many things, very simples but not less marvellous. I am grateful. This I believe.

I believe reading is like a window from where we see what is possible in the world. Alike, it inspires me to live in a better way, to love deeply, to be kind, to be understanding. Now I know reading has tugged at my life and

has changed it in some mysterious way and has opened my heart. Helping me to choose the kind of person I want to be.

I think all of us should give a try to reading it could help so much to lead a happier and more pleasant life, to build better people. After all,

everything is possible in the world if we give ourselves a chance! The chance of reading. I believe it worths.