This I Believe

Chinelo - Dublin, Ohio
Entered on May 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“This I Believe”

I believe that every girl needs three accentual things in her life to be healthy and happy. One a family that will show her unconditional love, two god to help guide her through life, and three friends so she has someone close to talk too, and be there for support. I have all three in my life and I am healthy and happy because each one plays an important part within my life, and has helped me grow as a parson inside and out.

My mother and father are amazing people; they have tough me many of things that I need in life for when I’m on my own and out in the real world. My mother tough me to love myself no matter how I may feel weather that be my inner looks, or my outer looks. She would always say to me “don’t fascinate over what you look like, and love your flaws and all”. My father is like my body guard; he tough me to be strong like himself. His number one advice to me was to “never let other people dictate to my feelings and emotions”. My father has tough me that I have the ability to go as far as I want to in life with the determination and the education.

I feel that keeping a close relationship with god no matter what your religious beliefs are is important for a young woman to stay grounded and happy and healthy. I may not be able to attend church service every Sunday, however I find it vary refreshing to read my bible and get the scripture when need it.

Having close friends, and a good support system is something that ever girl needs. Knowing that you have friends that you can talk to when ever you need someone, or just have fun people that you can experience life with. I have four best friends; all four of them have their own way of showing me that they love me, and we all have different personalities so that is why our friendship have lasted for so long. My friends and I have been in trouble together, and in that we have learned together and that’s what makes a long lasting friendship.