This I Believe

Charlotte - Connecticut
Entered on May 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

As American citizens we are given the opportunity and the right to vote. But 28% of the younger population ages from 18-29, voted in the last presidential election. This is showing that American citizens are not taking advantage of their own rights. This statistic is also evidence that Americans don’t pay attention to politics and some of the events taking place. For example many of the songs on the radio are filled with lyrics concerning drugs, sex and violence, none of which speak about the war in Iraq or how there are men and women dieing for our country. Men and women were more involved and aware of their surroundings during the ‘60s, “Teach-Ins in the ‘60s-campus convocations dedicated to steeping students in issues like the Vietnam War, politics and the draft…” It seems as though the younger generation, my generation, doesn’t follow politics closely, and don’t care enough about it to even vote. I am not one to follow politics very closely either, but I would never give up my right to vote. As a girl this right was fought for, during the Women’s Rights movement. That is almost disrespecting the women who fought for the future generations, my generation and the millions more to come.

I have nothing to complain about the age I am growing up in. I feel happy and lucky to live in such a wonderful country. But I think that many younger people have forgotten about our future. The future of this country lies in our hands, and if we don’t care enough about what is happening in the world then what will happen to this country when it is our turn to take over?

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