This I Believe

Caroline - Newtown, Connecticut
Entered on May 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude, work

This I Believe Essay

I believe in the statement, less is more. The phrase is used all the time, but recently I have learned to understand what it really means. I do not want everything handed to me. I believe that earning your own money and buying your own things makes you appreciate what you really have. I believe in learning concepts in school that you didn’t think were possible by putting work, effort, and time into them.

I am not always happy with buying all of my clothes, gas and toiletries. When at the local Big Y cash register I cringe looking at the screen informing me of the cost of my items and I hesitate opening up my wallet and handing my money over. But when I walk through the sliding glass doors and step onto the sidewalk, I know that I bought whatever it was by myself. It’s all mine, for me to keep. Buying my own clothes and other daily necesities helps me appreciate what I have and makes the product have more value to me.

I certainly don’t believe that I suffer in any way by having to buy my own things. I know that I have it easy compared to other teenagers across the country. I have many possessions that I didn’t necessarily earn that others are not given. I have a working car, a warm house, and a refrigerator full of food that I can access whenever I want, that I didn’t have to pay for. I may never appreciate all that I have been given, but I try to be thankful when something is not easy to come by and I have to earn it myself.

Like many other of my fellow students, learning does not come easily to me. Recognizing sequences and formulas, memorizing definitions and languages are daily struggles. I believe that easy success is not a good thing. Nothing feels better than knowing I put all of my heart into a paper or learned concepts that seemed impossible at first glance. I like knowing when I have accomplished something that I didn’t think I would be able to do. I feel a sense of pride and success.

I sometimes catch myself wanting everything to be handed to me, but what good would it do if there was nothing to work for? I like having to buy my own belongings and I like having to struggle to understand concepts in school because I know that I did these things without help, on my own. Pride and accomplishment cannot be bought or learned easily. These are my secret weapons, the things that I would like to think I have that those other people, whom I am sometimes envious of, don’t have. I know that this is a naïve and selfish viewpoint and I really do hope that others can share my pride in receiving the shorter straw.