This I Believe

Brian - Phoenix, Maryland
Entered on May 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

This I Believe: Chilling with Your Friends

I believe in chilling with your friends. There’s nothing more refreshing for a wild, teenage boy than throwing his physically-pained body onto a couch, chair, or just being outside to talk, play music or take naps on the turf with people you’re comfortable around. After a long school day of rigorous studies and a good-filling lunch, what’s better than to chill with your friends in between classes on a free period? Since I have third period free every other day of school, if weather permits, I find myself asking one, two, or a whole classroom of my friends to come outside to just chill. Just being in the school building makes you think of nothing but work and stress for the next class and there’s nothing better than to go play on the turf outside or to catch a little rest with your friends through enjoyable kickball games or chats. There is no doubt high school life is demanding and requires many of its students to push to their utmost potential. Not only for one day, but for a whole five-day school week, where homework, athletics, clubs, musicals, and other extracurricular activities prevent the average student to sleep on their wanted agenda. So to be chilling at school is a way to let the steam off and be carefree just in that short seventy-minute moment out of your one-thousand, four-hundred, and forty minute day. It’s awesome! The feeling I get went I jump that fence onto the turf feels as if I’ve crossed the barrier to another realm. A realm where there is always that same sense of permanent escape with a successful outcome to soon follow. While the turf is only a mere fifty feet of fake grass and rubber pellets, the place evokes my becoming the person who I want to be in a place that I somewhat dread. I don’t want to be a student, so why fake it? The real thing I want to do is chill and be the person I am. So, in being a person that loves to spend precious time with friends in every aspect, I believe in chilling.