This I Believe

juan carlos avalos - new canaan, Connecticut
Entered on May 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports


I believe that sports cold help a person throughout life to become a better individual. The definition of sports is a group of people known as a team that plays together, works together and if the team falls down then everybody falls down.

Sports could give kids the feeling of how to work with different kinds of people in things like jobs. For example, when people get jobs they are with a bunch of different people that each have different personalities like a team would have with kids. Because of these different personalities the team has weaknesses and strength nesses that build up their team to either win them games or lose games and this gives the same perspective about in real life depending whoever is working in a company will benefit if the business will turn out well or bad. If problems ever did occur in a team then they would most likely lose if they don’t work things out, in business if they don’t figure something out, solve together then they wont get good results for their business which would make them run out of business and lose.

If a kid has not experienced sports in their life then I think they wouldn’t benefit the teamwork concepts in their careers which would leave right into bad results. Without knowing the concepts of working as a team even if a person was well organized and intelligent there group may be unorganized, everyone has to be in as a team because without a team there’s no way anyone will win the game or as in career work, beat the other company.