This I Believe

Ronnie - Micanopy, Florida
Entered on May 29, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

Forces bending the will of the common people

As an average citizen, I believe we have been subjected to subliminal forces, steering us to the will of the dominant power of our environment. I am an admirer of Socrates, respecting his creed to question everything to reveal its face value. Many times I have discovered that some people, or products, are not what they appear to be. Other times, I am emotionally engulfed by common sentiment to support some thing I would otherwise question.

I believe me and my fellow Americans are giving away our responsibilities and rights to live a fruitful and judicious life by an alien mind set, engineered by the commercial environment. When we cast a vote [in purchase or politics], most of us do not have the wherewithal to sort out the facts versus the rhetoric. We are manipulated daily by today’s media as to what to eat, what to wear, what medications to take, and literally how we should think. We are what we live, a common adage that many dismiss or simply ignore. We have not quite reached Orwell’s 1984 version of existence, but we appear to be steadfast on our way.

As an example of our marionette lifestyle, the commercial interests propose: if we don’t sanitize our environment every day we will suffer grave consequences, negating the fact that bacteria and a multitude of microbes are not only ever present but also necessary to sustain life. Our bodies are nourished and maintained by thousands of microorganisms in a symbiotic relationship to maintain and stabilize the body unit. Enlisting trusted professionals of doctors and scientist whose primary objectives are to support our health and knowledge, and not their bank account makes more sense then anything you may see on television. Indeed, our behavior in the interest of commercial enterprise may sabotage the bodies’ natural defenses with excessive dependence on their products.

Our governmental leaders have supported commercial interests over that of the consumers on behalf of the economy. A compromise between commercial enterprise and consumers are a fact of life however, the scales appear to dramatically favor on the commercial side. The labeling of consumer goods, especially of foods, is confined to induce a sale, as opposed to composition. People with health problems are forced to search the maze of food products and restaurant services to insure their health will not be compromised. Many product labels and service outlines are intentionally misleading with gobbledygook to pacify your inquiry, but also to limit your ability to file a law suit. I believe a passive lifestyle does not lead to a healthy fruitful life.