This I Believe

Amity - duluth, Minnesota
Entered on May 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I was introduced to competitive swimming in 6th grade. After two seasons on a middle school swim team, I was ready for something bigger. Last fall I joined the Central High School girls swim team as an eighth grader. I knew it would be difficult and I would need to work hard. Even though I was no where near being the best one on the team, I still swam the 3 hour practice everyday, even though it wasn’t easy.

Our team had set several goals for the season. One of them was to have at least fifteen girls go to the sectional meet. At the beginning of the season, I wasn’t concerned about what my times were when I swam because I was a beginner and didn’t expect that I would qualify for sections this year. By the middle of the season, though, I realized that my time in the 100 breaststroke was close to qualifying. From that point on, my outlook and was changed. I then decided that I was going to be dedicated and work hard towards my goal of qualifying.

At one of the next meets, I just missed the qualifying time by fifteen hundredths of a second. I realized that I was almost there but I needed to try even harder. The next meet came and I was determined to succeed. It was the last regular meet of the season and almost my last opportunity to qualify.

I nervously stepped up onto the block for the 100 breaststroke and dove in at the sound. My start was a little too deep, so I would have to go even faster for the remaining portion of the race. With my teammates cheering me on I pushed through the water and finished with a jab at the wall. I looked up to see my time. I had a 1:29.17. I had qualified! I was going to sections! As I met my goal, the team’s goal was reached too, with me being the 15th qualifier.

Anything that is worth achieving requires hard work and dedication. Without this, I wouldn’t have qualified for sections. This I believe.