This I Believe

Lena - Fairfield, Connecticut
Entered on May 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The one thing that I believe in the most in the world, is respect. To get respect, you must give respect. I especially believe in having respect for your parents. Most of the time, the things that parents do for their children are taken for granted and go unnoticed. I know that this is exactly how it was for me up until a couple years ago. It all started when my best friends mom started this new job and introduced my mom to it. The job was to, a few days a week, help take care of an elderly woman named Mrs. Warren who needed constant care and someone to watch over her 24/7. My mom already had a job that she worked at 5 days a week, and still does. With this job, she now works 7 days a week. I don’t see much of my mom on the weekends because she comes home at 6 from her regular job and then leaves at 7 to go to Mrs. Warren’s and she spends the night there. She comes home at around 12 on Saturday and then then leaves at 7 on Saturday night and spends the night there again. She usually comes home on Sunday morning and is home all day, but sometimes she will work all of Sunday as well. At first when she started doing this job, I didn’t realize why. I didn’t realize why she needed another job, and I thought it was weird that she had 2 jobs. The one time that really made me truly realize that it was important for me to have respect for my mom was a couple of years ago, maybe 2 or 3, when we got into an argument. I was being how usual kids are to their parents, and mouthing off to my mom and was being rude. She felt that I was disrespecting her, which I was. She then explained to me that she wasnt doing this job because she wanted to, she actually hates doing it. She said that the only reason she was doing it was because she has to put my sister and I through college. She also said that she wanted to be able to buy my sister and I nice things and for us to be happy. At first when she got that new job I thought that she just wanted some extra money for herself, but not once did that even cross her mind. She was thinking about nothing but her children the whole time and being able to provide for us. I don’t take anything that my mom does for me for granted anymore. I appreciate it all and respect her more everyday.