This I Believe

Kaylee - Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on May 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I sat down to write this essay, I had no idea what it would contain. No ideas flashed through my head, no stories came to mind. My only thought was this: What do I believe?

Oddly enough, writing this essay was a lot like applying for college. Applying forced me to make several difficult decisions, the most overwhelming decision being deciding on a major. I looked at the master list of majors offered at the university and did not have a clue as to which I would write down on my application. How could anyone be expected to know what they wanted to do for the rest of their life after so little experience? I didn’t even know what some of the majors entailed or how I would ever make this daunting decision. One day I would think that this major seemed interesting, but the next day another would catch my eye. After considering my options, I decided to remain undecided and applied for the Undergrad Studies Program, a program dedicated to aiding students in the task of uncovering their major. This way I can take time to figure out all those mystery majors. Who knows? Maybe one of them is for me.

While writing this essay, I was also reminded of favorites. Every year on the first day of school since I can remember, at least one of my teachers has had the class go around and say what their favorite movie, book, band or food is. I never liked doing this because I just don’t have a favorite movie, book, band, or food. Why do I have to choose one? Can’t I like The Steve Miller Band and Coldplay at the same time? What’s so important about having favorites? I just never saw the point of having set favorites.

Thinking long and hard, I finally realized why this essay was so difficult for me to write. My beliefs are not concrete; they change everyday, just like my college major. Some people may say that everyone needs to have strong beliefs, but I disagree. One belief that I do hold happens to be the belief that I don’t need all the answers right now. I am eighteen years old and have only begun to experience life, to form my beliefs. That’s part of why I love life so much right now; I have no limitations and can choose to be anyone I want to be. I’m still discovering who I really am, and until I find out who that person is, my beliefs will continue to change.