This I Believe

Scott - Slinger, Wisconsin
Entered on May 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in sports. It brings people and families together, builds friendships and you can always have fun playing them. I’ve played a lot of sports since I was young, and I have always made new friends along the way. Some have been lost and some are still standing strong.

When I first walked in the Middle School I thought it would be all just like Elementary School. I would have the same friends and do all of the same things. Instead I made a lot of new friends mainly by playing sports.

Once when I was still in Middle School a kid moved from Iowa into the School District, but couldn’t join any sports teams because it was in the middle of March. I didn’t really like him at first, but the next year he tried out for soccer, which is my favorite sport. We really got to know each other and we still hang out with each other to this day. I never would have thought that we could make a friendship out of it because I barely talked to him at school. Sure we might have crossed paths once or twice, but if it wasn’t for soccer, I wouldn’t have seen how he really is.

Sports are one of the many things that bring people together. The big time sports players who play on professional teems bring fans together, but not very much if any families. Local sports, however, bring families together and actually make friends out of them. My parents meet the other parents of kids on my team and make friends with them a lot easier because they all share a same interest, watching sports.

Sports were and still are a major way for me to make friends. Whenever new people move to Slinger, where I live, sports are the first thing people usually try because then they can make their spot among us. A lot of people get to know them by playing against them and playing with them.

The best thing about sports is the fun you have playing them. I have always enjoyed playing sports and I hope that continues. I always looked forward to playing sports unless I was hurt and couldn’t play. I knew everything I did playing sports could benefit me in the future. The running would keep me in shape and the hand-eye coordination could possibly better equip me for a job.

Even though a lot of people don’t play sports, I think they should because it could always benefit them in the future. Friends can always be found by playing and watching sports. Sports are something everybody should at leas try.