This I Believe

Benjamin - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that life is too complicated for us to make it anymore complex. The way to avoid this is, simple. I have found that life is most thoroughly enjoyed when we take notice of the little things.

Let me relate to you. Some days during lunch, I see thee weather outside is perfect and I cannot resist. I walk outside to the large grassy nole buy the school, remove my socks and shoes, and slide my naked feet through the cool green grass. I lay back with my hands behind my head, stare up at the tranquil blue sky, watch as puffy white clouds lazily glide by and enjoy the warm hug and gentle kiss from the suns bright rays. Meanwhile other students sit inside under the florescent glow of unnatural light, start rumors and spread gossip, I sit back with closed eyes, dreaming of harmony and peace of mind.

Recently, I made a trip to a town in northern New York. The city’s name is Palmyra. In my faith, Mormonism, this place holds a great deal of significance. We believe it is where God the Father and Jesus Christ reviled themselves to a young Joseph Smith.

One day, occasion granted that I was alone in the place where this revelation occurred. It is a beautiful green grove with a brook and scattered sunlight. As I sat and gazed around I thought of something, ‘After all the years that Christ was off the earth, when he finally enters again, where is it? a large synagogue, town square or any large public place? No. it is in a small simple humble grove of trees.

I believe that when we enter into a state of simplicity, we see the good in others and the worth of our own. If you can look past any indifference that you see in people and know that at their root they are just like you, a simple human trying to survive, you will have more houses to stay at whenever you travel.

You will accept yourself as a person when you understand simplicity. When you are grateful for the little things you have instead of focusing on the bad. your life will be enriched. Something simple, like the sound of your shoes on the pavement. That sound you hear all the time, verifies you have substance. Assures you, that you are a person and you are alive. No matter how unneeded or unfulfilled you feel, that sound lets you tell yourself, ‘I Am.’

No doubt things are going to get complex. But if you break it down and simplify it, you are in for a far less bumpy ride. This, simply, I believe.