This I Believe

Dixon - Mount Prospect, Illinois
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“We are who we choose to be. Now choose!” yelled the Green Goblin, a villain from Spiderman, who is dangling a redheaded Mary Jane in one hand and a tramcar full of children on the other hand, on top of the Queensboro Bridge. One night after watching Spiderman the movie, that quote in the Green Goblin’s voice echoed in my mind and stuck to me. I believe we are who we choose to be. If I choose to be a fire fighter, I will eventually become a fire fighter if I work for it and I really want to be one. Parents, friends, or other people should not choose what a person should be. I remember one summer when I did a little soul searching. I did not know who I was going to be and what I wanted to be in the future and I did not know what defined me. I realized I had to make a choice and fast. I’m going to college pretty soon and I don’t want my parents to waste their money on me because I did not make a choice of what I want to be.

I believe hard work will strengthen ones choice. People have choices to be whatever they want to be. It all depends on how much work and effort is put in to making your choice worthwhile. I see a lot of kids in the weight room lifting and students studying in study halls. I feel inspired whenever I see them. I know these kids are choosing to stay fit rather than eat fast food and watch TV and choosing to hangout with kids who have the same goal in mind as them rather than kids that don’t.

Learning from your mistakes will eliminate flaws. My little brother has some flaws. He doesn’t have self-restraint when it comes to watching TV and talking on the cell phone with his friends while shooting up the cell phone bill. Right now it isn’t going to affect him, but eventually it will, and I hope he will realize and fix his mistakes. He also has a hard time saying the word “no” to his friends. But he has no problem saying that to our family. I’m afraid that he will eventually succumb to peer pressure and make a wrong choice that will affect him for the rest of his life. On the other hand, he makes up for his flaws. He works hard at what he does. I notice that he can’t do homework while watching TV. So he decides to go to his room and lock the door to study. He’s still young and has plenty of time to lean from his choices. I guess it’s not right for me to criticize him yet.

Everyone dreams, but some really work for it. People should make choices that align with their dreams. I hate when people make goals that they can’t reach. I know this one kid who competes in track and field and he competes in the Varsity level, even though he is a sophomore, which is impressive. He works hard and sets realistic goals for himself. He is one of the top triple jumpers in the varsity conference and he is the youngest one. Sure some people have God-given talents that give an edge over other people, but they won’t get people anywhere if they don’t improve on them. Sometimes they make stupid choices that deteriorate their talents. I knew a student who was naturally good at math freshmen through sophomore year and he didn’t even try anymore junior and senior year because he thought he was already good and became lazy. He is very smart in math but he is failing the class because he never did the homework or the tests. People’s talents can help them to achieve their dreams and goals. I believe in making my dreams into a reality. Life is full of choices so choose wisely.