This I Believe

cortney - 80020, Colorado
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe Essay

Every time I wake up in the morning I have a new image of the future for me, in my head. I get these images from how I had been taught the night before. I work a lot and because of this I don’t really get to hear about any of the news that is happening every day. The only time I hear about it is either on my days off or when I get a chance to sit down and watch it, the most common way would be at my work. You see I work at a nursing home and every resident that I talk to has something new to talk about. Now this doesn’t mean that they talk about the latest news, then the residents some how are able to fit in how the world was back when they were younger. At the end of the day I bring home with me what I had learned from every resident and by the next morning my image of the future changes just a little bit more. So after each day the words of what I have been taught the day before just builds on top of what I have learned that night.

As a senior in high school I am expected to know what I want to do after I graduate, like most of us I do, I plan onto becoming an Registered Nurse. But with all that I learn each day I am starting to think that with every year that comes it’s going to be harder and harder for the kids, moving onto college, to be able to succeed on what they want to do in the future. For becoming an RN it only takes 4 years of schooling to become one, but because of pre-rec’s you have at least another 2 more years. In order to go to college you have to be able to pay for it. So with this I have decided to get half of my schooling through Front Range so that I can save money and because of my choice you have to add on 5 years for the waiting list. So all together 11 years.

This I believe, that even though people tell us to succeed in what we want to do

with our future, at least half of the kids will fail at what they wanted to do. I believe this

because of how price’s for every thing has extremely rose every year. Also the amount

of people that live in this world today have also increased. With this and how prices have

increased and the amount of people in the world, kids that try to do what they want will

have one less of a spot in the college they want or any college and have less money to be able to spend on a college they really want.

So with all that I learn from all the residents, the news and what I believe in, I take it to the heart and it encourages me to keep going and remember I’m only 18 years old and I still have many more years to go and that my life is just starting. Meaning that who cares if it takes me 11 years to get to where I hoped to be in my future, that at least I will be doing what I want and will be able to show everyone that I have succeeded in life. Just knowing the past and how all of it has changed since then it helps to know because at least now I’m prepared for the changes that might happen in the future.