This I Believe

Martin - 06483, Connecticut
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe everyone should sing in the shower. The world would just be a better place. I believe that everyone who ever went crazy either didn’t bathe ir didn’t sing in the shower. you need to let some pent up emotion out of your system each and every day. Sometimes the only way to keep public sanity is to have some private insanity.

Also singing in the shower is probably the freest form of expression we have today. When you sing in the shower you arn’t worried what others think of you. You are free from the walls your peers establish to control our actions. You can sing anything you want without the fear of being subjected to ridicule or criticisms.

You don’t have to sing either. you can hum or whistle or even dance. Do anything with rhythm. Sing whatever tune you feel like singing. Sing Backstreet Boys; sing Madonna; sing Phil Collins; sing Michael Jackson; whistle the Andy Griffith Show; hum the Jeopardy waiting music; dance to the jeopardy usic; do whatever makes you happy. Do what makes you feel Original. Do what makes you an individual.

The individual aspect is what makes singing in the shower an American ideal. If you don’t sing in the shower you aren’t American. Singing in the shower is a show of patriotism because you are expressing yourself using the bill of rights, the freedom of speech, which encompasses singing. I bet George Washington sang in his bubble bath. Thomas Jefferson sang in his shower with his black mistresses. Even Lincoln probably got down to some big band music while washing off after a long day in the White House.

So please world, do me a favor and grab your shampoo bottle, close your eyes and make like you have a duet with Tony Bennett cause the world will be a lot better place once you’ve got all the crazies out of you.