This I Believe

Robert - Seymour, Connecticut
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Growing up I always admired my father. He has all of the traits of a great man. He is a great leader and entrepreneur, a charitable person and a family man. He drives a sports car and a motorcycle, and he once bench-pressed 330 pounds. But, with every great man comes a great accessory. Every great man has a great beard. That is why, I believe in beards.

When I think of my father and when many other people think of my father, they think: Floyd Moir, great man, fantastic beard. My father’s beard is his trademark and I have been waiting seventeen years until I too, can be just like my dad and cover my face with hair. My father’s beard is a stamp of power.

Any man, who has a beard, can stand above beardless men, and be powerful. It is the manliest thing a man can do. It separates the men from the boys, the men from the women. A man with a beard is wiser, more mature, and tougher than you. I have believed this growing up as I have shared a home with two men with great beards. My father and my brother have always been tougher and wiser than I have and I don’t credit to them being around longer, I credit it to their beard. It is that extra edge that they have on me. But in two years, everything will change; I will be a bearded man.

A beard means that the young man has taken a step into adulthood. It is the final step in being welcomed to the adult male environment. I will no longer be seen as just Floyd Moir’s son. With a beard, I will be known as Rob Moir. People will accept me as a man, I will be accepted anywhere I go, and I will stand tall amongst the all men