This I Believe

Ryan - Seymour, Connecticut
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever done anything in your power to fix a big mitake before your parents could find out? Well year after year there has been at elsat one major event where I did something stupid but gotten off scott free because I was able to fix my mistakes. For example, freshmen year when my Ipod got stolen, I saved myself from angry parents and a long lecture by purchasing an exact replica of my original Ipod. Then there was the time out on the lake when I accidentally got the anchor stuck under a rock. When it started lightning I panicked and ditched the anchor by cutting the rope. Once again money saved me when I purchased a replica anchor so my parents would not find out. However this past winter I dug myself into a hole so deep that money couldn’t save me.

It was the first weekend in December and my parents said “Behave,” as they were leaving for the weekend. I disregarded their word of advice figuring nothing bad would happen. I called up some friends and invited them over that night, taking advantage of the freedom that had just been handed to me. I know I wasn’t supposed to have friends over with my parents gone, but of course I thought I would never get caught. You’re probably thinking, “What went wrong?” or “How did he get caught?” Well let’s just say that after horsing around all night and having a good time, something went wrong. One second the five pound weight was in my hand and the next second it had created a moon shaped hole in my basement wall.

Immediately I thought that there was no need to worry because I had all weekend to fix the wall before my parents returned. The next morning I made a trip to Home Depot for some spackling paste, paint, and brushes. After beginning my job of fixing the wall I learned it was harder that I Imagined. However by Sunday night I had fixed the hole in the wall despite my limited carpentry skills and it was still somewhat noticeable. I figured I could lie my way out of it if my parents got suspicious and say I tripped into it or something. Little did I know I was being stalked that weekend and my parents were aware of me having friends over. They also put two and two together and figured the wall incident occurred that night as well. This ended up in punishment and a long learned lesson.

That weekend was a turning point and a milestone in my life. I had looked back at all the other times I had tried to cover up or fix my mistakes. I realized how deceitful and dishonest I was acting to myself and my parents. I had learned that it was time to change my ways and that a sixteen year old boy cannot be completely independent, despite how hard he tries. I also learned that parents understand children make mistakes and they are extremely forgiving. My parents told me they were not as disappointed in what had happened to the wall as they were in how I had reacted to the situation. This got me thinking and was a contributing factor to a major lesson learned. Now I’m able to enjoy my life more without worrying about what will happen if I make a mistake. I just know that my parents will support me no matter what mistakes I make.