This I Believe

Karren Micah - Seymour, Connecticut
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“More Than Just the American Dream”

I believe in success that is far greater than the American dream. I have wished and dreamed for a luxurious car, a big house with a lush green lawn, a closet full of quality clothes and name brand purses, and even becoming the ideal famous Hollywood star. My family moved to the states from the Philippines in 1997. Growing up in the United States, I have experienced the good and the ugly… even just as a young adult of 18 years. I have also grown to believe that the American dream isn’t for me. There is something far greater. I want to live my one life for something bigger.

Life is not all about “Fame and Fortune”. Living the American dream only means living for self in order to get “self” at the top of the ladder. But all the riches and gold in the world can never buy anyone happiness. It is interesting to think that my family landed in the US with just four small suitcases full of clothes. Now, I have a garage overflowing with large boxes and things I didn’t even know I owned! My story may be the commonly known testimonies of the dramatized life from rags to riches. Don’t get me wrong; moving to the US was the best thing that happened for my family. Though it meant leaving all family and friends, we knew there awaited a better life in the US. It took getting through some tough years and winding obstacles to be where my family is today. My family and including myself did long for the so-called American dream.

However, just this past year I have changed my perspective on the American dream. I was inspired by a song from a band called Switchfoot, with a line that goes “I’m tired of living just for me” and another that goes “We were meant to live for so much more”. These lyrics have become for me, more than just music, but a message I hope to lead my life with. This life I was given is meant to be lived more than just for me. I believe in following the dream God set for my life. I am meant to live for the benefit of others through God’s character. A dream that is no longer just for me, but one that will help and be able to guide others. I have no clue what I will become in the future, but I believe that I can reach bigger success and fulfillment than just living the American dream.