This I Believe

Aaron - Oxford, Connecticut
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Who would have known that music could be so powerful? I have always thought music was a form of entertainment, but now I know for sure that music is an inspirational language. I believe in the power of music.

The clanging of bells, the rush of ocean waves, the calling of a mother’s son who is playing in the yard to dinner—these are all considered valid forms of music. An awakening experience I had a few months ago with a music teacher changed my perspective of “inspiration.” He simply asked the class to answer a brief questionnaire after two trials; one set after listening to some over-the-edge metal, and another set after listening to an easy-flowing ballad. You would be surprised to hear the results. Answers to the first trial differed greatly from those to the second trial in ways of attitude and common respect. For example, one of the questions went along the lines of “Your 5-year old sibling gets access to your computer when you’re not home, and accidentally deletes the file to a project you had been working on for the whole week…what would you say to him?”. Most people don’t consider the fact that the things they listen to really affect their thoughts, and in turn, their behavior. After all, the things you think about eventually catch up to your actions.

It is amazing to see the effects of positive, uplifting music compared to hateful music. The power of music is enough to change your life. If one disagreed, I would boldly ask them to test it out for themselves and change the genre of their everyday-car music. Trust me—even the radio music that blares through your alarm clock in the morning can change your day.

I have witnessed many styles of inspiration in my life and most of them have to do with music. Accompanied by the condensed beat of my iPod nano, I play both the piano and guitar. If I had to choose between these instruments, it would be the funk of the guitar because it looks cool among friends and is fun to play. The choice freedom associated with the guitar provides many opportunities to inspire and express. Some people may be thoroughly refreshed with taking in the sounds that come from the smooth movement of a pianists’ fingers, while others find it dull. The greatest part of our existence is that we all slide through the highway of normalcy and create our own world through inspiration.

Music has no limits, but it is in our capacity to set our own guidelines for music and shine in them. And-a-one, two, three, four…