This I Believe

matthew - seymour, Connecticut
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I Believe in Music

I believe in music. Not much in life can allow you to express your inner true feelings. Music allows you to enter a state of mind where you can shut out everything around you. Music can be aggressive, shocking, directing criticism where it deserves; it can relax you, and do so much more.

Music affects everyone in a different way you can interpret it in any way you want, it can inspire you to act and influence you in good and bad ways. It can inspire you to act upon feelings you believe in. Music can be a muse to those who keep their inner feelings hidden from others; it can help them relate to the rest of the world. Writing, playing, or even just listening to music can make you express what you feel. You can allow your self to be entrapped into its lines, verses, chords, and notes. You enter a state of mind where you can be creative without the influences of other people affect you.

Music has limitless genres, one for everyone no matter what your preferences are; every thing from classical to folk, rock to metal, pop to R n B, rap to underground, and religious music to death metal. There are to many genres to name but there is always something that a person can enjoy.

Music can pump you up and get you excited, give you the focus to make that lift you never thought you could get. Music can shock you make you think about what is true and make you question what you believe in. You can be a out spoken critic of how anything and everything works or how it doesn’t. Music can be used to calm you self down or even put you asleep.

Music is my escape, it allows me to go to a state of mind where I am more focused and lets me block out all the stuff I have to deal with.