This I Believe

Hannah - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Every year people spend thousands of dollars on self-help books, hours of therapy sessions, pricey medication and other pointless forms of sacrifice. All of these these forms of relief from dilemmas cost a fortunate and honestly do they really work? What if there was a way to help solve everyone’s dilemmas? What if it was grantee to work no matter how big the problem? And as an added bonus it does not cost as much as a down payment on a house.

As the world ingortaly searches for this secret of life, Horse riders have already discover the secret… and that is riding horses will solve any problem. I believe that riding a horse will solve any problem.

When you are a top of a 1,000lbs animal racing through a field, the wind whipping through your hair, the pounding of hoofs striking the ground in your ears, the movement of the gallop slightly moving my body, you begin to feel like you are one with the horse. This is when all your problems get left behind in the wind, and you get an adrenaline rush of peace.

Animals are more sensitive then people. When you feel like you are falling apart on the inside but don’t want to have people think you are weird as a result the emotions are hidden. With the emotions cramped up the feelings start to grow expediently fearing what other people my think, the emotions begin to take over. All this is happening while people around have no idea that there is a problem going on… Horses on the other Hand are very sensitive and are empathic

Times I don’t know how to express my feeling and thoughts in a way that provides justice to how I am without sounding or feeling dumb. Hey what can I say? I am a 17 old high school girl whose hormones are out of control-it hard. While I am at the barn riding horses I can express my feeling without feeling stupid. It’s nice just to have someone to listen to you with out poking in. Sometimes listening could be the best help that anyone could offer. It’s nice to get your feelings out and the horses don’t object they are perfectly happy to listen to you tell them your life story.

Horses have a very calming spirit, they take life as it comes, and they don’t worry about too much. When they are faced with a problem they figure out a way to fix it and act upon that, they don’t waste time going back and forth over things. When you are around them they seem to convey that feeling to the rider- just to feel relaxed and enjoy life.

The next time that a problem arises, don’t worry- just hop on a horse and spent a few hours there, because I believe that riding a horse will solve any problem.