This I Believe

Chambrey - Utah
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

All of my life I have worked for this one moment. My chance to shine. My moment of glory. Thousands of hours and millions of eyes. For this one moment: I believe in imperfection.

I end the routine with a flamboyant smile. The score is flashed, 9.85 out of 10. One foot not pointed, one miniscule bend in my leg, causes me to forfeit the gold. Everything I have worked toward- my life’s goal- is all for nothing because someone-someone achieved a higher perfection than me.

My mother has always said, “There is always going to be someone in this world better than you, BUT there is always someone the you are going to be better then.” When I got the 9.85 I was better; I was a veteran overpowering the rookies, I worked hard and excelled at my own level. But there was someone better than me.

I wanted to win. I wanted the gold. So I went back and practiced further so I could strive closer toward my goal of perfection. Someone was better than me; I wanted to be better than them, therefore it made me work harder than I ever have before.

The result of imperfection is working harder to achieve perfection, and this is why I believe in imperfection.