This I Believe

Samantha - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

A Little Princess is a movie about a young girl named Sarah Crewe, who lived far away in a distant land called India. Sarah loved telling stories, especially about princesses. One day, while telling a story, she asked her friend, “Maya, have you ever met a real princess before?”

Maya replied, “All women are princesses. It is our right!” I believe that all girls are princesses.

Not only should a girl be treated like a princess, but she should also act like one.

I have been treated like a princess my entire life. When I was born my dad would call me his “little princess.” When I was old enough to drive, I asked my parents for a car. I had always wanted a Mini Cooper, so my parents took me to the dealership, and I got to pick out my very own Cooper, customized just for me.

For Prom, I wanted this really pretty orangey dress, but it cost about four hundred dollars. My mom knew how much I wanted this dress, so she went out and got it for me. I was so ecstatic and could not wait to wear my “princess” dress. I felt like a princess all night, and was treated like a princess by everyone around me.

Ever since I saw this movie as a little girl, I have thought that I was a princess. This means that I try to act like a princess everywhere I go. For school I carry a princess backpack; it reminds me to be like a princess. When I say something mean or do something rude, I think about what my backpack has on it and I immediately feel horrible, because that is not how a princess should act. Acting like a princess makes me feel more like a princess.

Each girl is a princess, no matter how old or young she is; where she lives, what she has, or who she knows. I have been taught this my entire life and have used it in everything I have done. I am a princess. I believe this strongly.